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Tonic Gold - 10ml bottle

by Spagyrics Herbals

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Tonic Gold infuses the body, mind and spirit with the vital, potent essence of life - increasing energy, deepening the awareness of subtle internal states and positively affecting all aspects of health.

* Creates a feeling of greater physical, emotional and mental well-being

* Calms and balances the mind, and deepens concentration - an ideal aid for meditation

* Makes the body supple, deepening physical practices such as yoga and the martial arts

* Increases the body's receptivity to wellness approaches

* Improves memory, focus, and intellectual acuity over time

* Strengthens the immune system and stimulates liver function

* Assists in promoting cardiac health

* Helps relieve mild or occasional insomnia

* Promotes good digestion and elimination

The Tonic Gold elixir combines potable gold with a mixture of potent herbal oils. As potable gold is the essence of the sun in digestible form, this elixir has a strong effect on the solar plexus. In general, Tonic Gold has the capacity to simultaneously balance and harmonize throughout the different dimensions of our beings, from the gross body to the most subtle elements of spirit and soul. An excellent all-around body toner that also strengthens the immune system, Tonic Gold can be taken as directed by anyone, without age restrictions. Potable gold is said to increase memory and intelligence over time and to relieve stress in the body and mind. It has a soothing effect on the central nervous system. When Tonic Gold is administered it is found to have a pervasive effect on metabolism. Potable gold has been used in the Indian system of Ayurveda to stimulate necessary body functions when physical energy is low. In addition, this unique substance increases the body's receptivity to virtually any wellness approach. Petri Murien illustrates this with an example: Potable gold can be used, and it is advisable to do so, in combination with any other vegetable, mineral or animal extract or oil. For instance, let us consider the case of a patient who needs to take a spagyric extract of a specific plant to heal the liver: he can add the potable gold to it in order to enormously amplify the power of the plant. Thus the universal power of the potable gold will be particularized to the liver through the agency of the plant, while the virtues of the plant will be greatly exalted by the vitality of the potable gold. Many elderly people who have taken Tonic Gold regularly have reported that they have regained their taste for life, good food and life's pleasures and have felt an increase in mental and physical satisfaction. Its effect on the human body is warming; it is therefore much appreciated by elderly people who have a tendency to feel cool or cold. Tonic Gold can reactivate a sluggish liver and the function of the gall bladder; it is a good digestive and a mild laxative. It helps to make the body supple. It calms the mind and can help in insomnia. Many people interested in spiritual growth take Tonic Gold while practicing meditation and enjoy deeper concentration and expansion of the mind. It can also increase focus, attention and awareness. For best results, Tonic Gold should be taken upon waking, in the early morning close to sunrise, on an empty stomach.

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