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Trishun Tablets (60 tablets)

Herbal Trishun strengthens immunity and fights cold. To avoid cold effectively, take Trishun at the first sign. If the cold is severe, Trishun provides rapid relief. Trishun taken with warm water, tea or coffee, treats cold and influences effectively. Combines benefits of Sudershan Churna and Tribhuvan Kirti Rasa. Sudarshan Churna has a principle herbal plant Swerita Chirata (Described Above) whereas Tribhuvan Kirti Rasa combines medicinal plants which has capacity to relieve pain, and...…

Sualin (50 Tablets)

It is made from chosen ingredients and herbs for cold, cough and bronchitis like Glycyrrhiza glabra, Adhatoda vasica, Ocimum basilicum, Zizyphus, Cinnamon and Anisi. It is useful in all types of cough and cold, removes phlegm from lungs. Heals soar throat and clears hoarse voice. Also useful in Bronchitis.
Indications: Cough Cold & Flu Removes phlegm from lungs Soar throat and Clears hoarse voice Bronchitis Influenza, Tonsillitis ...…

AF-200 (250 Tablets)
SBL Homeopathy

An excellent remedy for cold and flu. AF-200 is a product of SBL's Research and Development and is a combination of well proven drugs of homoeopathic therapeutics which bring quick and significant relief from signs and symptoms of flu and is highly effective in common cold. The specific signs and symptoms of flu e.g. headache, pain in the back and limbs, fever, chills, sneezing, blocked nose, watery nasal discharge, cough, flushing of face, suffused conjunctivae, sore throat and...…

Swasa Sudharana (180ml)
Asthama Sudharana Centre

Swasa Sudharana is very affective in the treatment of all respiratory problems including brancoil's allergy, sinusties, oesinophily, sneezing cold etc. It can be taken 5ml before breakfast and 5 to 15ml after dinner twice.    Indications: Corpulmanale (Cardiac Asthma), bronchial asthma, eosinophilia, bronchitis, allergic rhinitis (Hay fever), sinusitis. Usage : It has to taken for 6 months to 1 year. Chronic patients are requested...…

Sitopaladi Churna (60g)

Sitopladi Churna is a traditional Ayurvedic formulation for treatment of cough and colds. It is made from herbs like Pippali, which is used extensively as a spice and for medicinal purposes. Piper longum (Pipalli) is an immuno modulating herb. A common use of the fruit is in the prevention of respiratory tract disorders including Asthma. Anti-allergic activity of the fruit has been studied and is attributed to piperine. It is one of the best expectorants available in nature. Besides...…

Lakshmivilash Ras

Lakshmivilash ras is used for common cold, fever and body-ache. Ingredients: Abhrak Bhasma (Calcinated and purified mica) Sudha Parad (Calcinated and purified mercury) Sudha Gandhak (Calcinated and purified sulphur) Karpoor (Cinnamomum camphora) Jatiphala (Myristica fragrans) Jatipatra (Jasminum grandiflorum) Vriddadaru (Argyreia speciosa) Dhatura beej (Datura metel) Vijya beej (Cannabis sativa) Vidarikand (Pueraria tuberosa) Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) Nagbala (Sida...…

Joshina (100ml)

Reliable treatment for Cough, Cold & bronchitis. Its use cures common cold, catarrh, cough, sore throat and fever due to flu. The onset of cold generally indicated by a tickling sensation in the throat, which is due to the irritation of the mucous membrane caused by pathogenic organisms that have found access and favourable conditions for growth. The infection, if not checked initially, may spread further, producing symptoms usually associated with cold and catarrh. Joshina contains...…

Kulzam (10 ml)
Hamdard Labs

Kulzam is a quick and effective home remedy for sudden ailments like indigestion, nausea, pains, bruises and wounds.
One Remedy for ten ailments.Ingredients:

Sat-e-Pudina, Sat-e-Ajwain, Kafoor, Roghan Baid Majnoon, Roghan Darchini, Roghan Zaitun, Roghan Laung.

Directions for Use:

Stomach Troubles: Indigestion, Flatulence, Loud Eructation, Loose Motion, Vomiting, Nausea and Dysentery: Take 3-4 drops of Kulzam with cold water, 3-4 times daily.Cough, Cold and...…

Kanth Sudha (60 pills)
Maharishi Ayurveda Products

'Kanth Sudha' is an excellent and tasty mouth freshner, antiseptic and deodorant, it deodorises bad mouth odour and leaves a tingling freshness that lasts for a long time. It combats foul breath of those suffering from dental/gum infections. The medicinal herbs of 'Kanth Sudha' relieve tonsilitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis and common cold also. It is an excellent throat soother cum mouth freshner for cigarette smokers and those suffering from smokers cough. 'Kanth Sudha'  may be...…

Crux Syrup: with Tulsi (100ml)
Ban Labs

Crux cough syrup, enriched with Tulsi gives soothing effect in allergic cough, dry irritating cough, viral infections and seasonal cough.

Ingredients: Piparminta Sat, Navsar, Nilgiri Oil, Tulsi, Adusi, Yashtimadhu.

Dosage: Adults: 2 teaspoonful three times a day.
Children: ½-1 teaspoonful three times a day.…

Divya Swasari Pravahi (200 ml)
Divya Pharmacy

Ingredients:  Piper nigrum, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Solanum indicum, Justicia gendarussa, Adhatoda vasica, Viola odorata, Ocimum sanctum, Piper longum, Cinnamomum zeylanicum, Syzygium aromaticum, Zingiber officinale, Eclipta alba, Cordia dichotoma, Cassia fistula, Saccharum officinarium. Indications:  Useful in cough, cold and other respiratory infections. Dosage:  10 – 20 ml twice a day with lukewarm water. Packing: 200 ml.

Vasavaleha (250g)

Dabur Vasavaleha is beneficial in Cold, Asthma, Bronchitis and Cough of various etiologies.     Indication: Cough Asthma Bronchitis Breathlessness. Dosage: ½ to 2 teaspoonful (3 to 12gm) in the morning and evening with hot organic milk or as directed by the physician.

Packing: A bottle of 250g of product.    …

Chyawanprash Special (500 gms)

Ingredients:Bilva, Agnimanth, Syonaka, Gambhari, Patala, Mudgaparni, Masaparni, Salaparni, Prsniparni, Pippali, Goksura, Kantakari, Brahti, Kakradasrngi, Tamalki, Draksa, Jivanti, Puskarmula, Agaru, Guduchi, Haritaki, Bala, Riddhi-Viddhi, Jivaka-Rsabhaka, Meda-Mahameda, Kakoli-Ksira Kakoli, Karcura, Musta, Rakta –Punnarva, Sthulaila, Kumuda, Sveta Chandan, Ksiravidari, Vasa, Kaknasa, Amalaki Pulp, Ghrta, Sarkara, Kumkuma, Abhrak Bhasma, Tavk, Ela, Tejpatra, Nagakesara, Lavanga,...…

Triphala (60 capsules)
Organic India

Improves digestion and elimination.
Ingredients: Each 480 mg vegetarian capsule contains: Amalaki (Phyllanthus emblica) – 160 mg, Vibhitaki (Terminalia belerica)- 160 mg, Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) - 160 mg.
Indications: Constipation, gas, indigestion, poor digestion, low immune states, common colds, eye disorders. It is Non- habit forming.
Dosage: 2 capsules twice daily with meals.
Packing: 60 capsules

Surya Pharmaceuticals

A Tea for asthma & allergy.
Common cough & cold, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, eczema, urticaria and other allergic diseases.
Safe & pure. Non–steroidal, 100% herbal. Free from heavy metals and other contaminations. Solvent free–pure water extract are used.
Sirisha, Kantkari, Vasaka, Madhuyasthi, Tejpatra.
Method Of Preparation:  Take two teaspoonful of the...…

Halin Drops (5 X 10 Capsules)


Common cold, Nasal congestion, Sinusitis.


Eucalyptus Oil, Mentha Piperita Oil, Syzgium aromaticum, Cinnamomum camphora, Mentha piperita.

Directions for Use:

Cut open the capsule:

1. Add the medicine in boiling water and inhale the vapours for a few minutes.
2. Sprinkle on a hand kerchief and inhale frequently.
3. Drop on the pillows of the affected kids during sleeping. …

Chyavanprash (500 grams)
Kerala Ayurveda

Benefits:Keeps one physically & mentally fit, active.Helps to prevent cold and cough.Improves immunity and strength.Acts as an anti-oxidant.Cardiac stimulant and helps in smooth functioning of the heart.Builds resistance against diseases. Administration:  Internal. Dosage:  10 – 20 grams twice daily with milk.
Packing: 500 grams …

Chyawanprash Special (500 gms)

Indications / Usage: 
1. Keeps one physically & mentally fit and agile.2. Increases resistance & metabolic activity.3. Prevents infections specially cough & cold.4. Improves immunity & strength. 5. Effective anti-oxidant.
Bilva, Agnimanth, Syonaka, Gambhari, Patala, Mudgaparni, Masaparni, Salaparni, Prsniparni, Pippali,  Goksura, Kantakari, Brahti, Kakradasrngi, Tamalki, Draksa, Jivanti, Puskarmula, Agaru, Guduchi, Haritaki, Bala,...…

Itrifal Muqawwi Dimagh (125 Grams)

Ingredients: Amla Khushk, Post Bahera, Post Halela Zard, Tukhm Khashkhash Safaid, Gule Khatmi, Gule Surkh, Kishneez Khushk, Maghz Badam Shirin, Ghee, Shakar Safaid, Warq-e-Nuqra.
Indications:  It strengthens the brain and improves eyesight. It is useful in chronic cold and headache.
Dosage: 10 grams to be taken along with milk in the morning or at bed time.
Packing: 125 Grams…

Swasa Nivarana Plus Liquid (180 ml)
Asthma Sudharana

Indications:Sinusitis, sneezing, common cold/flu, allergic rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, eosinophilia, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, cardiac asthma etc.Ingredients:

Amalaki, Vasaka, Pippali, Lavang, Shunthi, Maricha, Harithaki, Kantakari, Tulasi, Kesari, Saindhavalavanam, Chavyam, Jathiphalam, Pudina, Yasthimadhu, Vacha, Pippali Mulam, Jathipathri, Kanyasar, Talispathri, Haridra, Ashwagandha, Bhimsen Karpuram, Dalchini, Pushkararamula, Somlatha, Sonamukhi.Dosage:


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