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Articles by Madanapalas
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General Ayurvedic Guidelines for all Patients by Madanapalas Topic: Ayurveda
General ayurvedic guidelines for all patients. Following these advices your health will improve and you will live your normal lifespan. All the advices are as advised by the Rshis in the famous text: Charaka Samhita
Published: Sunday 11 January, 2009
Sthapatya Veda - Design That Heals by Madanapalas Topic: Vaastu
Vaastu Shastra is one of the missing links for creating harmonious life on earth as we know it today. It is the ancient Vedic science of space and form and how to create consciously a space that creates harmony within and without. When we look around at modern cities and houses, we see that although...
Published: Thursday 03 February, 2005
Ayurvedic Dentistry by Madanapalas Topic: Ayurveda
One of the topics I came to research was the subject of dentistry which I felt had been much neglected in the field of Ayurveda. I was confident that treatments were present but this seemed to be nearly forgotten in practical application. I was inspired upon this road by doing a study earlier last y...
Published: Thursday 03 February, 2005
Marma - The Magic of Touch by Madanapalas Topic: Ayurveda
Marma is one of the lesser known methods used in Ayurveda, Sushruta refers to it in some detail as well as other texts, but in truth it is a traditional knowledge that needs to be handed down from guru to disciple, from heart to heart. The basis is the use of various points on the body which are all...
Published: Thursday 03 February, 2005
Ayurveda - Nature's Health Secrets by Madanapalas Topic: Ayurveda
In 1999 I began to personally study Ayurveda with a brilliant teacher and friend who had been introduced to this science many years before, in India, under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who has done wonders to bring the best of Ayurveda to the West since the 1980's. As I dived deeper and dis...
Published: Thursday 03 February, 2005
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