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"When we create a form on earth we are giving birth to a living space. Just as our bodies are living spaces for our consciousness, so a house, a town a temple all are embodiments of living space."

Vaastu Shastra is one of the missing links for creating harmonious life on earth as we know it today. It is the ancient Vedic science of space and form and how to create consciously a space that creates harmony within and without. When we look around at modern cities and houses, we see that although the constructions are practical and functional, they are lacking a fundamental spiritual understanding of creating harmonious space. In recent years a new awareness has sprung up of Feng Shui and of Vaastu Shastra as people are remembering the significance of a balanced and harmoniously created space for themselves and their lives. In my own path I spent many years researching and studying Feng Shui and then later Vaastu Shastra. Like most ancient sciences I felt what had for the most part been published and was being presented was fragmented and without much cohesion. I had a deep wish in my heart to find the source of this knowledge, little did I know that I would discover a spring of knowledge that had run continuously from generation to generation for more than 13,000 years from it's founder and forefather, a man known as Brahmarishi Mayan.

My search for the heart of Vaastu Science took me to Chennai, India where I was blessed to meet with Dr. V. Ganapathi Sthapathi, the modern father of what is more correctly called Sthaptya Veda. Sthapatya means to build or form matter in space-time and Veda means this knowledge is realized and also has the sole purpose of bringing people to self-harmony and subsequently self-realization. All Vedic knowledge has this central theme, from music to medicine, the application of these sciences is a direct watering of the roots of our inner selves as the fruits that result are a life of peace, harmony, service and vitality on earth.

The underlying scientific principals of Sthaptya Veda are profound and deal with a subtle physics of nature that is of a level not yet seen in today's modern laboratories. I set upon an adventure of learning these sciences and discovered that the deeper I went into this knowledge, the deeper I was journeying within my own heart. I was very blessed to spend some time in Dr. Sthapathi's house which had been built in accordance with Sthapatya Veda and directly experienced the amazing calm and clarity that came from being in such a space. Vast attention is paid to the exact layout of the building on a specific grid matrix (either 9 x 9 units or 8 x 8 units) and then within this grid creating a space of specific symmetrical proportions and dimensions that would sing a certain resonance that would subsequently resonate with the inhabitants in the space. In the Sthapatya Veda texts this is called Aayaadi and it is a profound subtle tuning of any building in a way that the building in itself becomes a song of subtle energetic sweet music that quells any stress within.

Dr. Sthapthi is strict and forthright in his application of the science, insisting that one must get it right from the beginning and thus alterations and rectifications are simply not acceptable. One must design and then create a space that has maximum harmony from the beginning. The benefits of dwelling or working in a Sthapatya Veda space are quite simply without measure and it was my realization and feeling that this science is a golden key for bringing harmony rapidly to many spheres of life on earth. With public or governmental buildings built for maximum harmony and coherence, one would see vast shifts in all levels of the society in no time.

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This article was published on Thursday 03 February, 2005.
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