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About Ayurveda About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the most ancient science of healing known to man. It's roots are in the hearts of the enlightened and with their clear inner vision they could perceive reality in it's purest form and thus was born this Veda (science) of Ayu (life). Ayurveda is a path to discover God, not just a medical system. Through health one can discover the deep bliss of being and it's eternity. Everything is a medicine in Ayurveda, nothing is spared from it's all encompasing vision. Balance is the key to good health, modern life is very much going against this very simple understanding that underlies all nature Herself. Through Ayurveda one can manage a disease before it ever becomes a symptom - one has knowledge to understand the physical world and it's qualities and effects. Milk is cool and white and hence will increase Kapha dosha (earth and water elements as they manifest in the body) but now if we boil it with a little saffron it's quality has changed and thus one is initiated into this alchemy we call Ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicine is based on this very philosophy of restoring balance, harmony, purity and ultimately joy. When the body is healthy (in balance and all systems functioning correctly), then joy is experienced, this is the very joy that is our nature. Imbalance and illhealth cloud this natural joy. So everyone everywhere can begin this amazing journey called Ayurveda, a journey to health and a journey within.

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