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Once upon a time, many centuries ago there lived a King Madanapala in the Northern part of India. This king was a noble and good king who cared dearly for all the people of the world and wished to see them bask in a happy and content existence. He thus summonsed all the wisest men of the day and asked them to write a book - something like a recipe book of today - for a healthy life. This book became known as Madanapalas Nighantu - a Nighantu is a kind of poetic cookbook of life.

In the day of Kind Madanapala, all his subjects lived with radiant health - their secret was the science of life known in Sanskrit as Ayurveda. Ayurveda teaches us how to remain in balance and harmony and thus in vitality and with radiant health. Diet and lifestyle are it's cornerstones. Prevention through a daily routine involving such wondrous things such as self oil massage and herbals teas are part of the magnificent tapestry of Ayurveda.

Not coincidentally Madanapala in Sanskrit translates as preserver of life - protector of all.

At Madanapalas it is our sincere wish to see all healthy, living life to it's truest potential of spiritual unfoldment. We have sourced the finest Ayurvedic lifestyle management products and treatments and brought them to your very door no matter where you are in the world. We have tonics and elixirs to maintain vitality throughout life, we have medicines for every ailment defined and even those that are not yet understood - for Ayurveda does not need to name the disease, it's terminology and science understands each disease as an imbalance of three vital humors (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and thus once the imbalance is known, the remedy is not far away.

Enter a world of Ayurveda - our products are chosen with care and love to bring you maximal health, harmony and joy in your life!

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