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Rasraj Rasa (1g)
Rasraj Rasa (1g)
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EYE DROPS Let's See What We Have Here...
In Ayurveda the eyes are ruled by Pitta dosha, they receive fire in the form of light and convey it to the mind and soul. There are many magnificent plants that can nourish and rejuvenate the eyes.
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 Itone Eye Drops (10ml)  ITONE  Itone Eye Drops (10ml)   $10.49  $8.39  Buy Now 
ITONE Eye Drops is a unique preparation derived from the ancient Ayurvedas, rediscovered through extensive in-house research. It is invaluable in protecting the eyes from all pollutions and adverse environment of modern life. It also helps maintain the acuity of vision and is extremely useful in the treatment of various eye ailments.     Indications: Eye strain Watering of eyes Decreased vision Redness in eyes Pain in the eyes Allergies Styes Dryness in... 
 Itis  Eye Drops (10ml)  ITIS  Itis Eye Drops (10ml)   $10.95  $8.76  Buy Now 
ITIS eye drop is a sterile, unique preparation derived from the ancient Ayurveda. It is an ideal eye tonic and good for tired eyes, redness, irritation and burning and conditions like eye fatigue. It is an absolutely sterile antiseptic solution which cools the eye and protects them from all polluted and adverse environmental conditions like dust, smoke, heat, computer related eye strain, heaviness in eyes due to long hours of work, etc. Ozone Ayurvedics has launched ITIS, an ayurvedic eye... 
 Saptamrit Loha (40 Tablets)  Unjha Ayurvedic Pharmacy  Saptamrit Loha (40 Tablets)   $11.49  $9.19  Buy Now 
Ingredients:Harde, Baheda, Amla, Jethimadh, Loh BHasma, Honey, Ghee.Benefits: Saptamrita Loha is a very good eye tonic as well as hair and general tonic.Saptamrita Loha is the drug of choice when diminished vision, continues watery discharge, redness, itching pain and burning sensation in the eyes are the prominent symptoms.Saptamrita Loha improves the vision and corrects the myopia.Saptamrita Loha is also very useful in the disorders of the ear, nose, throat and teeth.Saptamrita Loha... 
 Elaneer Kuzhambu (narikelanjana)  Nagarjuna  Elaneer Kuzhambu (narikelanjana)   $11.49  $9.19  Buy Now 
Elanir kuzambu (narikelanjana) is used as eye drops. Indications: Elanir kuzambu (narikelanjana) is useful when the following symptoms are displayed: Netra vrana (Eye ulcer) Arma (Pterygium) Timira (Cataract) Pittaja netra roga (Congestive glaucoma). Ingredients: Darvi Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) Bibhitaka (Terminalia belerica) Amalaki (Emblica officinalis) Madhuka (Honey) Narikela jala (Cocos nucifera water) Sasi Pitaka rohini Saindhava (Mineral Salt) Maksika (Erigeron... 
 Cineraria Maritima Euphrasia (10ml)  SBL Homeoathy  Cineraria Maritima Euphrasia (10ml)   $13.99  $11.19  Buy Now 
Cineraria Maritima Euphrasia eye drops is a product of Research & Development of SBL in collaboration with BOIRON, France. It is a combination of well balanced formula of homoeopathic therapeutics for the treatment of conjunctivitis and other inflammatory conditions of eyes. Conjunctiva is a mucous membrane covering the anterior sclera (bulbar conjunctiva) and is reflected in the fornices to cover the tarsal surface of the lids (tarsal conjunctiva). The severe type of conjunctivitis is... 
 I-Guard Eye Drops (10 ml)  Shree Dhanwantri Herbals  I-Guard Eye Drops (10 ml)   $10.49  $8.39  Buy Now 
1. I-Guard is an effective solution for every kind of eye trouble or ailment.2. I-Guard cures watering of the eyes.3. I-Guard cures night blindness, misty vision, corneal ulcer, corneal opacity and checks developing cataract.4. I-Guard is a soothing antiseptic solution that cools eyes and protects them from all polluted and adverse environmental conditions like smoke, dust fumes, excessive heat etc.5. I-Guard improves and maintains the activity of vision in all jobs. Ingredients:Harar,... 
 Netramritam (10 ml)  Arya Vaidya Sala  Netramritam (10 ml)   $9.99  $7.99  Buy Now 
Ingredients: Lodhratwak, Hima, Padmakam, Sevyam, Sasi, Himambu.Indications: A cooling, soothing and non-irritant eye drops. Effective in conjunctivitis and other seasonal ophthalmopathy.Usage: 2 – 4 drops at one time, 3 – 4 times a day.Packing: 10 ml 
 Irimedadi Taila  Nagarjuna  Irimedadi Taila   $16.99  $13.59  Buy Now 
Indications: Irimedadi taila is useful when the following symptoms are displayed: Mukha roga Danta roga. Ingredients: Khadirasara (Acacia catechu - extract) Arimeda valkala Taila (Oil) Sevya raja Ambu (Mangifera indica) Pattanga Gairika (Calcinated and purified ochre) Sveta candana (Santalum album) Rakta canda (Pterocarpus santalinus) Rodhra Pundrahva Vastyahva Laksa (Laccifer lacca) Rasanjana (Berberis aristata) Sauviranjana Dhataki (Woodfordia fruticosa) Katphala... 
 Trikul Eye Drops (10 ml)  Trimed Ayurvedicals  Trikul Eye Drops (10 ml)   $10.49  $8.39 
Out of Stock
Ingredients:  Harad, Bahera, Amla, Punarnava, Karpuram, Tulsi patra.Indications:  Subacute and chronic conjunctivitis, dry eyes. To check senile progressive cataract redness of eyes. To protect the eyes from dust, fumes and excessive heat. As a powerful anti-septic non-irritant lotion. For prophylactic use to keep eyes free from infections.Application:  2 – 3 drops thrice daily.Packing: 10 ml  
 Drishti Eye Drops (15 ml)  Patanjali Ayurved  Drishti Eye Drops (15 ml)   $11.49  $9.19  Buy Now 
Ingredients:Each 10 ml contains:Juice of Allium cepa 1.68 ml, Juice of Zingiber officinale 1.66 ml, Juice of Citrus aurantifolia 1.66 ml, Honey 5ml.Indications:Useful in various eye problems, cataract and general eye disorders.Usage: 2-3 drops to be added 2-3 times a day.Packing: 15 ml.  
 Al-Shams Eye Drops (10 ml)  Satya Pharmaceuticals  Al-Shams Eye Drops (10 ml)   $11.49  $9.19  Buy Now 
Ingredients:Amalki, Jambeer, Punarnava, Kantkari, Ardarak, Haridra, Bhringaraj, Mamira, Nirgundi, Daru Haridra, Palaash, Jaati, Nirmali, Vibhitaka, Haritaki, Gulab, Madhuyashti, Apamarg, Pipli, Samudrafen, Tankan, Shankh Bhasam and Yashad Bhasam.Indications:It helps to improve Eye sight by strengthening the eye muscles. It helps in treating Acute and Chronic Conjunctivitis, Burning Eyes, Cataract, Allergy, Itching, Myopia, Hypermetropia, Night Blindness, etc.It is also useful for tired eyes and... 
 Elaneer Kuzhampu (10 ml)  Arya Vaidya Sala  Elaneer Kuzhampu (10 ml)   $10.49  $8.39  Buy Now 
Ingredients:Triphala, Darvi, Yashti with Kerajala, Refined Camphor, Peetharohini, Saindhava, Honey.Indications:A family medicine for eye diseases caused by excessive heat and pitta.Usage:2 – 3 drops should be applied to both eyes twice a day.Packing: 10 ml 
 Surma: White (1.5 gms)  Gurukul Kangri Pharmacy  Surma: White (1.5 gms)   $9.79  $7.83  Buy Now 
A very helpful remedy for eye diseases, itching in eyes, watery eyes etc.Ingredients: Surma kala, Yashad Bhasma, Parad Bhasma, Tankan Bhasma, Sfatika Bhasma, Kajali, Bheemsaini Kapoor, Menthol, Tuthaiya Bhasma, Mushka Bhasma, Chandan Tail, Khas scent, Panri itra.Usage: Apply surma in the night with the help of silver or glass stick. 
 Fineye Eye Drops (10 ml)  Nagarjuna  Fineye Eye Drops (10 ml)   $10.99  $8.79  Buy Now 
Ingredients:Jathi, Laksha, Chandan, Karpoor, Sathapathri, Sphatikam.Indications:Fineye has Anti-Opthalmopathy, Anti-septic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Conjuctivitis, Anti-pruritic, Disinfectant and Cooling properties.Mode of  Usage: 1 - 5 drops to be applied in both the Eyes, 2 - 5 times daily.Packing: 10 ml.  
 Kanoil  Jaggi  Kanoil   $19.95  $15.96  Buy Now 
Reliefs the agony of earache. Instills the sense of comfort.Indications:* Pain in the ear * Fruculosis* wax in the ear* Sogginess of the external canal of the ear in humid conditions. * Itching* Prophylaxis & treatment for bacterial infection of middle ear & external auditory canal.Contains Extract of :Kuth   4 mgBach  4 mgSonth  4 mgSagraj  4 mgAsgandha  4 mgKateli choti  4 mgPunnarnava  5 mgDevdaru    5 mgHaldi    5... 
 Nayanamritam Kuzhampu (10 ml)  Arya Vaidya Sala  Nayanamritam Kuzhampu (10 ml)   $23.99  $19.19  Buy Now 
Ingredients:Magadhaja, Maricha, Haimavati bija, Soma, Rohini, Kanaka, Tutha, Anjana, Dhatrirasa, Madhu.Indications:It is very useful for weakness of sight and other diseases as short sight, opacity of cornea, Iritis.Usage:2 – 3 drops to be added 2 – 3 times a day.Packing: 10 ml 
 Haslab Mamira Eye Drops (10 ml)  Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory  Haslab Mamira Eye Drops (10 ml)   $9.99  $7.99  Buy Now 
Ingredients: Acidum Boracicum, Natrum Muriaticum, Natrum Sulphuricum, Camphora, Euphrasia Officinalis, Glycerine, Coptis.Indications: It is helpful in following conditions: 1. Acute and chronic conjunctivitis.2. Discharge acrid, profuse, muco-purulent.3. Photophobia.4. Dull pain with burning.5. Blurring vision relieved by winking.6. Oedema and bulging of lids from pus beneath.7. Redness and inflammation of eyes.Usage: Shake bottle well before use, instill 1 – 2 drops... 
 Yashad Bhasma (10 Grams)  Baidyanath  Yashad Bhasma (10 Grams)   $12.49  $9.99  Buy Now 
Ingredients:  Yashad (purified) and Aloevera juice.Indications:  Indicated in the treatment of eyes. Acts as diuretic, hypoglycemic, astringent. Indicated in urinary disorders, anaemia, asthma, acidity and diarrhea.Dosage:  125 mg – 250 mg to be taken with milk or honey twice a day.Packing: 10 Grams  
 Euphrasia 10% Eye Drops (10 ml)  SBL Homoeopathy  Euphrasia 10% Eye Drops (10 ml)   $10.99  $8.79  Buy Now 
Ingredients: Euphrasia Officinalis MT 10% w/w, Hydroxybenzoate.10% w/w.Indications: For Conjuctivitis, redness of eyes, watering, pain, irritation, photophobia, dry eyes.Usage: Instill 1 -2 drops into the eyes, 3 – 6 times daily.Packing: 10 ml. 
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