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Testimonial by Abdelgadir - United States - March, 2023
Thank you very much for your prompt delivery of my really appreciate it
Testimonial by Mahe - South Africa - January, 2022
Thank you so very much, I will always be your loyal customer.
Testimonial by Gargi - France - October, 2021
Please let me thank the Madanapalas Team for your wonderful service. You're my favourite shopping site for your prompt service. Thanks to Superbe Team
Testimonial by Zainab - Sweden - August, 2021
Thanks for the best service.
Testimonial by Jocelyn - Australia - July, 2021
Really appreciate your efficiency.
Testimonial by Suzannah - United States - April, 2021
Thank you for how beautifully wrapped and hand sewn the outer cloth was done. Just beautiful.
Testimonial by Sonia - Australia - October, 2020
I received my order in good time and in good condition, thank you.
Testimonial by Ann - United States - September, 2020
Thank you for your prompt replies and assistance
Testimonial by Kristi - United States - September, 2020
Thank you so much for your correspondence and help. I look forward to doing business with your company again.
Testimonial by Michel - France - August, 2020
Thank you for your seriousness and your professionalism!
Testimonial by Carmella - Australia - August, 2020
Thank you for my order which arrived today, packed with love and honour. I wish for you much success and prosperity.
Testimonial by Ann - United States - May, 2020
Thank you for your excellent customer service.
Testimonial by Abdelgadir - United States - November, 2019
Thank you very much for taking care of my order.
Testimonial by William - United Kingdom - October, 2019
Thank you for the Pudin Hara which was delivered today. Very much appreciated for the excellent customer care.
Testimonial by Daniela - Italy - September, 2019
I got my order in a very perfect time, as was told. Thank you very much.
Testimonial by Barbara - Italy - August, 2019
Thank you so much for your useful reply and for the help. Also I thank you so much for your big courtesy.
Testimonial by Jane - United States - May, 2019
I love your product so much. I very much appreciate that you are so efficient and I can order it anytime.
Testimonial by Vesna - Croatia - May, 2019
It is nice to be your customer.
Testimonial by Hari - United States - February, 2019
I picked up the wonderful Ayurvedic package today! Wrapped so carefully and beautifully.
Testimonial by Suchit - United Kingdom - January, 2019
Many thanks for all your help.
Testimonial by Perry - United States - December, 2018
Thanks so much. I’ve so appreciated your wonderful customer service over the years.
Testimonial by Kanika - Australia - December, 2018
Thank you for your great service. You have been keeping me updated all the while. Much appreciated. I will definitely be purchasing more items from you in the future and let others know about your great customer service.
Testimonial by Sudipta - Canada - December, 2018
Thank you again for the great customer service.
Testimonial by Jorgen - Denmark - December, 2018
I appreciate the good service.
Testimonial by Roberto - Brazil - November, 2018
I am immensely grateful for your attention and kindness.
Testimonial by Perry - United States - September, 2018
Outstanding reply. I really appreciate your customer service.
Testimonial by Rebecca - Italy - July, 2018
Thank you for your quick service and your kindness.
Testimonial by Marcelo - Brazil - June, 2018
Thank you very much for the excellent service provided by the Madanapalas team.
Testimonial by Antoinette - France - March, 2018
Thank you very much for your help and professionalism, really appreciated.
Testimonial by Anonymous - Afghanistan - March, 2018
This tincture really work like a miracle. At first me and my family who have thyroid problems, whether hypo or hyper, it really works well.
Testimonial by Rebecca - Italy - March, 2018
Thank you very much for your professionalism and seriousness.
Testimonial by Ramesh - Afghanistan - February, 2018
I have been suffering from sciatica and this product relieved my sciatica pain.
Testimonial by Muhammad - Ireland - January, 2018
Thanks very much. I got my parcel today.
Testimonial by Willem - Netherlands - January, 2018
I can inform you that the parcel safely arrived in my place. Thanks so much.
Testimonial by Tejbir - United States - November, 2017
I liked your instant reply!
Testimonial by Nataliya - Canada - October, 2017
Thanks a lot for your service!
Testimonial by Janaka - United Kingdom - September, 2017
Parcel arrived today thank you very much. My mum was a Ayurvedic doctor from Srilanka. She passed away year 2000. I remember. My mum issuing yogaraja guggulu to patients. Now I had a pain in my Knee so I remember and ordered from hope this will help to improve my condition as I grow up in all Ayurvedic medicine around and I loved the smell gone back to my child tell Doctor I said thank you very to order more medicine from your company.
Testimonial by Emilia - Finland - September, 2017
I’m gonna come back to order some more products, you have beautiful selection there.
Testimonial by Rebecca - Italy - August, 2017
Thank you very much for your kindness and excellent service. I will order from you again in the future.
Testimonial by Bhawana - United States - August, 2017
In my humble opinion, you have locked me as your loyal customer here on, a pleasure doing business with you!
Testimonial by Raymond Earl Watson - United States - August, 2017
I appreciate the service!
Testimonial by Monica - Chile - August, 2017
Thank you very much, today i received the purchase, I am happy. Best regards to Madanapalas people!
Testimonial by Monica - Chile - July, 2017
I am happy, I received the last order. I love the way you pack!
Testimonial by Parvez - United Kingdom - June, 2017
Thanks for all your help, assistance and guidance . A job wonderfully executed!
Testimonial by Dorothy - United States - May, 2017
I received my order of Arogya vardhini this evening, safely and beautifully packaged. Thank you for your care. I will reorder when the supply gets e-mail communications are so gracious and polite, and so very unlike e-mails from American companies. It is a pleasure to do business with you.
Testimonial by Elaine - Switzerland - February, 2017
The goods arrived here this morning in good thanks and kind regards.
Testimonial by Peter - Australia - December, 2016
My order has arrived, it arrived with the postman on the 1st December Thursday afternoon, I was so excited to see it arrive.
Testimonial by Diagosmith - United States - September, 2016
Your product is one of the few things that had a positive effect on my health in the past. I feel I can regain that relief with consistent use of your product.
Testimonial by Fernand - Netherlands - September, 2016
You where a great help with fast replies.
Testimonial by Dagmar - Germany - July, 2016
Yesterday I received the message-card from the postoffice and today I could collect the thanks for your patience and endurance. Best regards and best wishes for you
Testimonial by Gargi - France - July, 2016
Thanks so much Madanapalas! The parcel has just come ; you are very kind to have sent it promptly.
Testimonial by Gargi - France - June, 2016
Thank you thank you Yuri and Madanapalas Best wishes gargi
Testimonial by Gargi - France - June, 2016
Thank you so much Madanapalas team; have just received Neemol. We are sending another you ! Gargi
Testimonial by Natallia - Belgium - June, 2016
I have received my parcel! I would like to express my thanks at the great work your team!
Testimonial by Abdul - United Arab Emirates - April, 2016
Thanks for your quick reply and your excellent service!
Testimonial by Krzysztof - Poland - April, 2016
Thank you for your great correspondence, just today I received a package and I am very happy!
Testimonial by Courtney - United States - March, 2016
I really appreciate your concern and follow-up.
Testimonial by Wim - Netherlands - March, 2016
I am very happy to tell you that arrived today so I can use the medicines again. Thank you very much.
Testimonial by Viji - United States - March, 2016
Thank you for your excellent customer service.
Testimonial by Perry - United States - February, 2016
THANK YOU so much for all you've done, I'm so very grateful!
Testimonial by Emmanuel - France - January, 2016
You are my best Ayurvedic seller! Happy to know you!
Testimonial by Maurine - United States - December, 2015
Thank you so much for your beautiful products.
Testimonial by Khatara - United States - December, 2015
I appreciate so much all your help with my order and questions!
Testimonial by Victoria - United States - November, 2015
My order arrived a while ago. It arrived in excellent condition. I look forwards to buying from you again soon. Thank you so much!
Testimonial by Marta - Peru - November, 2015
You have been extremely kind and helpful.
Testimonial by Debra - United States - November, 2015
I want to thank you so very much for how quickly I received my order, and for how well it was packaged. I was so impressed, and very, very grateful.
Testimonial by Donna - United States - October, 2015
Thank you for your consideration and kindness. Again, I very much appreciated the shipping discount you provided on my recent order.
Testimonial by Maureen - Australia - October, 2015
Thank you for the Brahma Rasayana, we are very happy with the results.
Testimonial by Edna - United States - October, 2015
Thank your great products and your assistance.
Testimonial by Bernardino - Qatar - October, 2015
I am grateful for all your kind attentions . You are a great worker .
Testimonial by Abdul Haq - United States - September, 2015
Thanks for your customer service!
Testimonial by Monticone - France - August, 2015
My package arrived in good condition, thank you very much for this great gift.
Testimonial by Maike - United States - June, 2015
Beautifully packed - what a work to stitch it like that!
Testimonial by George James - United States - June, 2015
I'm very impressed with the security of your package. I appreciate (your) service.
Testimonial by Edna - United States - May, 2015
Your service and willingness to accommodate your customers is beyond the norm - it's exceptional!
Testimonial by Edna - United States - May, 2015
Please know that these herbs are restoring my health and I thank you for your service and understanding.
Testimonial by Marilyn - United States - May, 2015
My order has arrived. Thank you for your conscientious support. It is appreciated!
Testimonial by Elizabeth - United States - April, 2015
Thank you so much; your package arrived in perfect order on April 24; I am delighted.
Testimonial by Marilyn - United States - April, 2015
Thank you very much for your caring support.
Testimonial by Maria - Australia - April, 2015
have received the product, thank you, it was very quick :)
Testimonial by Syed - Canada - March, 2015
I appreciate and say to you thank you from bottom of my
Testimonial by Jennifer - United States - March, 2015
Thank you so much for your attentiveness with my order. I really appreciate you helping me with my order. Your customer service is so greatly appreciated.
Testimonial by Taj - United States - February, 2015
Your health tips are really valuable. If we follow them in our lives it will surely be "Prevention is better than a lot.
Testimonial by Arash - United States - February, 2015
Thank you again for your work and products. I greatly appreciate them!
Testimonial by Akber - Kuwait - January, 2015
It is excellent serviced provided by Madanapalas!
Testimonial by Rada - United States - January, 2015
I would like to thank you too for the good products and your service.
Testimonial by Mary - United States - January, 2015
I'm impressed that you would add this product to your catalog because I asked about it. Thank you!
Testimonial by Barbara Girola - Italy - October, 2014
What a surprise!! When I saw the package I was very surprised, I like so much the cloth that covers the pack! I believe that it is very particular, safe and it's very nice to see, moreover it is stitched all by hand. I'm very happy to receive the products directly from India. Thank you so much to You that You have a very special service all made India!! Many thanks again and I give You my best a nice day and see you
Testimonial by Rashida Aden - United Kingdom - September, 2014
Just want to acknowledge receipt of my order today. Thank you very much and for such quick delivery. I will definitely recommend your company. Thank you once again. God Bless.
Testimonial by Tony Sanchez - United States - September, 2013
Today I received my order a week or so earlier than I expected. I really appreciate the fast service. Thank you so much.
Testimonial by Mariette Thomas - Canada - August, 2013
Thank you. Very nice customer service. Rapid and responsive. I really appreciated the discount offered.
Testimonial by Marcos Breguez - United States - July, 2013
Thank you guys for the time and patience you put into packaging and shipping your products. Much more personal than what we get over here. I'll be ordering from you again.
Testimonial by Hartmut Roemer - United States - June, 2013
Thank you for the excellent service.
Testimonial by Peter - United States - January, 2013
I order all the want to say that Keshkuntal by Vyas is absolutely
Testimonial by Mathew - United States - May, 2012
Today I received the items without any damage which I ordered last week. Thank you very much for your best services and prompt response of my I am happy to contact you again when my need, and wish to suggest to my friends also.
Testimonial by Tomas - United States - December, 2011
Tha package has just arrived. It is perfect the way how you send it packaged. The bottles in heap of paper strips.
Testimonial by Kostas - United States - October, 2011
I am very happy with your product, and fast delivery, your site really reliable. I'm happy!
Testimonial by Mark - United States - October, 2011
Today I received my cigarettes. Thank you very much for great products.
Testimonial by Valeria - United States - June, 2011
Hello, I wish to thank you all very much for I received my order a few days ago, as you promised, so I am very satisfied with your will be ordering again from you in the near
Testimonial by Peter - United States - April, 2011
Wanted to let you know that your Scalptone product is great
Testimonial by Tan - United States - April, 2010
Thanks for enabling us to buy from you online. Keep up the good work
Testimonial by Balaji - United States - December, 2009
Thanks a lot. I received the order in very good condition. The packing was intact and rasayam is also effective. I did receive it as scheduled
Testimonial by Anthony - United States - November, 2009
I just received my order of the nirdosh herbal cigarettes. I wanted to inform you that I just tried one and I am ecstatic over it. As a wall street trader I have been in a quest for perfection in regards to the perfect medium of your average manufactured cigarette and discovered your brand via the internet. I think you have done a wonderful job. I will highly recommend your product to co workers and friends alike. It truly was everything that I expected and I'm excited for my wife to experience it after trying to quit smoking generic cigarettes for over 15 years. We look forward to the long term benefits and other innovations from your company.
Testimonial by Marc - Belgium - August, 2009
I have very good news,the parcel arived today in perfect you so much for your swift reply!
Testimonial by Syed - Japan - June, 2009
Testimonial by Edgaras - Lithuania - March, 2009
Also I would like to thank you for a wonderful packing, its one of the best packaging I have ever seen, too good to be given away as a present (I liked it so much that I left it to myself and repacked the for your customer care and great product.
Testimonial by Krista - United States - December, 2008
I love your wonderful products! They have changed my life! Thank You
Testimonial by Rod - United Kingdom - December, 2008
Good day, i have just received my order from you, and i,m thrilled with how well my parcel was consideration to detail puts other suppliers to will certainly be buying more goods from you in future.
Testimonial by Megan - United States - April, 2008
I would like to thank you for your kind and wonderful package arrived this weekend and I am satisfied with the a wonderful day!
Testimonial by Rumana - United States - October, 2007
Hello I finally received my much awaited purchase of multifarious products. Thank-you for excellent product delivery in timely manner and i hope they will work for all my ailments.
Testimonial by M.S. Rao - United States - June, 2007
Thanks for your kind advice which I will follow.
Testimonial by Reena - United States - June, 2007
Thanks a lot for your Vaidya's advice. It is timely.
Testimonial by Jennifer - United States - May, 2007
I Got It!!!!! Thank You So Much!!!! I Loved The Sewn Wrapper!
Testimonial by Kanakkishor - United States - May, 2007
I was very impressed by the care and the time you took for packing the order, it was fully intact. Thank you.
Testimonial by Kantilal - United States - February, 2007
"Thank you for keeping me informed. I am more than happy at the speed and efficiency you have resolved my
Testimonial by Nicole - United States - January, 2007
"I just want to say thank you. Look forward in doing more business with
Testimonial by Imrann - India - January, 2007
I got the first order a few days after I sent you an e-mail. Thank you very much for your services and good quality products.
Testimonial by Derek - United Kingdom - December, 2006
"I write to inform you that my order arrived here at my home in Northern England safely today - beautifully packed! Wonderful - and thank
Testimonial by Daniella - United States - October, 2006
Thank you very much. I will be very pleased to go one with you for my next order.
Testimonial by Ruth - United States - October, 2006
I received the package you mailed a couple of days ago. I am very impressed with your service. The packaging was superb. Everything arrived in excellent condition and I appreciate the fact that the box you used is reusable. The products are quite nice. I think the toothpaste is the best I have every used. I will definitely order again. Thank you for your excellent customer service and your excellent products.
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