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AYURVEDIC BODY PRODUCTS Let's See What We Have Here...
Ayurvedic body products work with nature to harmonise, balance and rejuvenate. They are close to nature and consist of herbal ingredients which have been used for thousands of years to bring out natural beauty.
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 Ksheerabala Thailam (200 ml)  Nagarjuna  Ksheerabala Thailam (200 ml)   $17.99  $14.39  Buy Now 
Indications:Effective for application on the head and for massaging the affected areas of the body in Vattha-raktham (gout), Vaatha-rogam (diseases due to vitiated Vaatha dosha), Shukra dosham (disorders of semen), Rajo dosham (menstrual disorders), Kaarshyam (emaciation), Swarabhedam (hoarseness of voice) and Rasaayanam (reuvenative). Ingredients:Each 10 ml contains: Bala 5 grams, Ksheeram 43.479 ml, Thila thailam 10.000 ml.  Directions for Use: Repeated quantity to be... 
 Tankar Ghrit Kumari Hair Oil (100 ml)  Surya Chemical Works  Tankar Ghrit Kumari Hair Oil (100 ml)   $13.99  $11.19  Buy Now 
It removes and cures headache, vertigo, general mental weakness. Regular use of this oil protects from early whitening of hairs and make them soft, silky and shiny. Massaging the body with this oil relaxes the muscles and removes dryness of the skin. Its natural cooling effect removes stress and keeps us cool for a long time. Applying the Hair oil in the morning reduces the effect of sun stroke and enhances our ability to work for long hours even in the warmest of summers. It is beneficial to... 
 Chyavanaprasam (1 kg)  Nagarjuna  Chyavanaprasam (1 kg)   $40.76  $32.61  Buy Now 
Nagarjuna’s Chyavanaprasam is an Ayurvedic formulation that stringently adheres to the traditional herbal recipe elaborated in classic texts like Ashtanga Hrudayam. This is prepared from pure and genuine ingredients such as amla, dasamoolam, draksha, jeevanthi, vidari, bala and others.Chyavanaprasam is a proven preventive medicine which enhances immunity and improves digestive power, possessing rejuvenative properties which delays the ageing process. It is also effective in promoting... 
 Kesari Kalp (500 gms)  Baidyanath  Kesari Kalp (500 gms)   $23.07  $18.46  Buy Now 
Indications / Usage : A unique research formula, Baidyanath Kesari Kalp has been prepared by the Ayurvedic Scholars and Baidyanath Research Foundation. Excellent remedy to relieve symptoms of premature ageing like wrinkles, greying of hair, weight loss, debility, black circles, vitamin & mineral deficiency and convalescence. The extra ordinary power of Swarna Bhasma, Silver & Saffron in combination with 44 choicest herbs and mineral have been incorporated. The precious Swarna... 
 Chyawanprash Special (500 gms)  Baidynath  Chyawanprash Special (500 gms)   $15.99  $12.79  Buy Now 
Ingredients:Bilva, Agnimanth, Syonaka, Gambhari, Patala, Mudgaparni, Masaparni, Salaparni, Prsniparni, Pippali, Goksura, Kantakari, Brahti, Kakradasrngi, Tamalki, Draksa, Jivanti, Puskarmula, Agaru, Guduchi, Haritaki, Bala, Riddhi-Viddhi, Jivaka-Rsabhaka, Meda-Mahameda, Kakoli-Ksira Kakoli, Karcura, Musta, Rakta –Punnarva, Sthulaila, Kumuda, Sveta Chandan, Ksiravidari, Vasa, Kaknasa, Amalaki Pulp, Ghrta, Sarkara, Kumkuma, Abhrak Bhasma, Tavk, Ela, Tejpatra, Nagakesara, Lavanga,... 
 Chyawanprash Special (500 gms)  Multani  Chyawanprash Special (500 gms)   $15.99  $12.79  Buy Now 
Indications / Usage: 1. Keeps one physically & mentally fit and agile.2. Increases resistance & metabolic activity.3. Prevents infections specially cough & cold.4. Improves immunity & strength. 5. Effective anti-oxidant.Ingredients:Bilva, Agnimanth, Syonaka, Gambhari, Patala, Mudgaparni, Masaparni, Salaparni, Prsniparni, Pippali,  Goksura, Kantakari, Brahti, Kakradasrngi, Tamalki, Draksa, Jivanti, Puskarmula, Agaru, Guduchi, Haritaki, Bala, Riddhi-Viddhi,... 
 Zulfi (Hair Cleanser) (100 ml)  New Shama Laboratories  Zulfi (Hair Cleanser) (100 ml)   $14.49  $11.59  Buy Now 
Ingredients: Berge Hina, Amla, Post Reetha, Dal Urad, Tukhme Hulba, Post Neem, Sumbulutteeb, Tukhme Panwar, Sajji Khar, Roghan Tulsi, Roghan Gandum, Aab-e-Maghze Gheekwar.Benefits: Zulfi is a medicated hair Cleanser which rectify spilt end’s makes hair strong, healthy and lustrous, an invaluable hair treatment. Usage: Use it as a shampoo.Packing: 100 ml. 
 Zulfi Medicated Soap (75 gms)  New Shama Laboratories  Zulfi Medicated Soap (75 gms)   $10.49  $8.39  Buy Now 
Ingredients: Post Ritha, Amla, Balchar, Haldi, Neem Bark, Tukhme Panwar, Sajjikhar, Jawakhar, Roghan Arandi, Heera Kasees, Roghan Tulsi, Roghan Tulsi, Roghan Sandal, Roghan Narjeel, Aabe Khalis.Indications: Helps delay hair greying.Checks hair fall.Promotes rich hair growth.Regular use makes hair long, silky and thick at root.Usage:  Use this soap only for washing the hair in the morning. For better results wash the hair with lukewarm water.Packing: 75 Grams.  
 Zamad Shabab (50 gms)  Hamdard  Zamad Shabab (50 gms)   $11.17  $8.94  Buy Now 
A Natural product for breast firming. It helps in the proper development of the breasts natural form, shape, size and firmness. Its unique formula penetrates deep through the skin into the blood stream and stimulates the surrounding area and glands.Ingredients: Safaida Just, Suhaga Biryan, Sangjarahat Saeeda, Vaseline Safed, Khushbu Rose.Directions for Use:Rub this cream on the breasts at bed time and wear a brassiere thereafter. 
 Badam Tail (50 ml)  Dabur  Badam Tail (50 ml)   $16.15  $12.92  Buy Now 
Indications: 1. Helps sharpen brain.2. Strong and healthy hair.3. Soft and beautiful skin.4. Keeps body warm in winter.5. Good for infants.6. Helps relieve constipation.Ingredient:Sweet almond oilDosage:1. 5-10 ml with 250 ml of milk.2. Can also be applied externally on scalp and body. 
 Bio Dandelion: Ageless Lightening Serum (35 gms)  Biotique Botanicals  Bio Dandelion: Ageless Lightening Serum (35 gms)   $18.66  $14.93  Buy Now 
This lightening serum is a rare combination of pure dandelion, rich in vitamin E and minerals, blended with nutmeg oil. Used regularly, it helps brighten skin, fade dark spots and ease away wrinkles for a flawless complexion.Ingredients:Bihidana, Halon, Jaiphal, Badam Tail, Surajmukhi, Khamir, Doodhal, Ground nut oil, Himalayan Water.Usage:Massage a few drops into cleansed face and neck, before moisturizer, morning and evening. 
 Boro Heal (100 Gms)  IHA Vedic Essentials  Boro Heal (100 Gms)   $13.07  $10.46  Buy Now 
Boro Heal Foot Care Scrub Bar is specially formulated to provide tender care to your feet. It is an extra mild foot cleanser along with Luffa fibres. It gently exfoliates the dead hard skin, dirt, grime, toxins and infections from your feet & foot heels making them soft, supple and smooth. It’s natural antiseptics & healing agents like Borax, Turmeric, Karanj & Sandal helps removing infections and healing cracks resulting in softer, smoother and healthier feet in quick... 
 Gripe Water  Jaggi  Gripe Water   $19.95  $15.96  Buy Now 
A mild and safe tonic. Provides better digestion & good healthIndication:*A body building tonic recommended for want of appetite* Improves metabolism* Combats exhaustion* Controls diarrhoea & dysentery* Helps in distended abdomen and flatulent colic.Each 10 ml. contains: Distilled extracts of: Shatpushpa 133mg. Sowa 65.5mg. Zira 27.7mg. Pudina 27.7mg. Yashtimadhu 16.6mg. Gulab 16.6 mgMahua 66.5 mg. Sudhaodak 166mg. Kaphoor 1.1mg.Base (to sweeten) 
 Kerapookkvladi Lehyam (500 gms)  Nagarjuna  Kerapookkvladi Lehyam (500 gms)   $15.89  $12.71  Buy Now 
Indications:Back ache. Ideal for post natal care.Ingredients:Kerapushpam, Musali, Sukthi, Thugaksheerf, Elam, Twak, Pathram, Nagunam, Sundi, Shakara, Ghrutham.Directions for Use: One table spoon twice daily after food.  
 Raktha Chandan Soap (Red Sandal Soap) (75 gms)  Nagarjuna  Raktha Chandan Soap (Red Sandal Soap) (75 gms)   $9.82  $7.86 
Out of Stock
Indications:Pure ayurvedic formulation for glowing skin. Very effective for preventing pimples, prickly heat, itching and skin allergies.Ingredients:Oil extract of Rakthachandana.Directions for Use: Leave the lather on body for 3 minutes and then complete the bath. 
 Body Oil (200 ml)  Sri Sri Ayurveda Trust  Body Oil (200 ml)   $14.99  $11.99  Buy Now 
Ingredients: Raktachandana, Lodhra, Vacha, Kachura, Kasturi Manjal, Narikela Taila, Til Taila, Chandana, Aromatic Essential Oil.Indications: It has a cooling effect on the body. It relieves body pain and gives a healthy, glowing lustre to the skin. It removes the dryness of the skin. Usage: For external application only.Packing: 200 ml. 
 Lip Balm (10 gms)  IPSA Labs  Lip Balm (10 gms)   $9.48  $7.58  Buy Now 
Indications:It soothes and nourishes dehydrated lips, cracked, chapped and dry lips.Ingredients:  Prunus amygladus, Garcinia indica, Curcuma longa, Rubia cordifolia. 
 Tejus Body Lotion (100 ml)  Patanjali Ayurved  Tejus Body Lotion (100 ml)   $11.99  $9.59  Buy Now 
Ingredients:Lodhra, Manjisth, Turmeric, Sandalwood, Red Sandal, Aloe-vera, Wheat Oil. Saffron, Cucumber.Benefits:Rejuvenates the skin and increase skin glow.Usage: Apply gently on washed and dry areas twice daily.Packing: 100 ml.  
 Vishagarbh Tail (50 ml)  Dabur  Vishagarbh Tail (50 ml)   $11.99  $9.59  Buy Now 
Indications: Pain and Swelling in joints.Ingredients: Each 15 ml of Tail is processed with: Murchit Til Tail, Murchit Eranda Tail Murchit Sarshapa TailEach 5ml:Shuddha Vatsanabha, Pushkara, Kushtha, Vacha, Bharangi, Shatavari, Shunthi, Haridra, Daruharidra, Lasuna, Vidanga, Devdaru, Ashvagandha, Ajmoda, Maricha, Pipali Mool, Bala, Rasna, Prasarani, Shigru Tvak, Guduchi, Hapusha, Haritaki, Bilva Tvak, Shyonaka Tvak, Gambhari Tvak, Patala Tvak, Agnimantha, Shalparni, Prishniparni, Brihati,... 
 Natural Body Butter (150 grams)  Sri Sri Ayurveda Trust  Natural Body Butter (150 grams)   $16.99  $13.59  Buy Now 
Ingredients: Beeswax, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Glycerin.Benefits: It helps to keep skin smooth, moisturized and soft to touch.Directions for Use: For soft & glowing skin apply Sri Sri Ayurveda's Body Butter on whole body at least 1 hour before bath and massage gently. Follow this by bath with warm water.Packing: 150 grams. 
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06.Chyawanprash Special (500 gms)
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