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Ozone Saunf Green Tea (25 pouches)
Ozone Saunf Green Tea (25 pouches)
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AYURVEDIC BABY CARE Let's See What We Have Here...
In Ayurveda care of the baby is an essential part of creating a healthy and harmonious society. Natural baby care is an ancient and holistic way to care for newborns and babies of any age. Ayurveda is famous for oil massage of both baby and mother - the child should be massaged for as long as possible and the mother too especially after giving birth. Many herbal formulae are produced for children in Ayurveda and paediatrics is one of the most essential and comprehensive components of Ayurvedic care.
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 Noorani Tel (200 ml)  Indian Chemical Co  Noorani Tel (200 ml)   $17.99  $14.39  Buy Now 
Ingredients:Amba Haldi, Kaifal, Maida Lakri, Tejpat, Taj, Narkachur, Loban, Guggul, Sonth, Kuchla, Methi, Ratan Joth, Manjith, Ajowain, Ganda Biroza, Pine Oil, Camphor Oil, Citronella Oil.Benefits: Highly efficacious medicine for muscular, pain in joints, backache, frozen shoulders, fatigue, bruises, sprains etc. Noorani Tel is also usefull for baby massage and for elderly people and as well as aportsperson.Mode Of Application: For External use only. Gently apply the Oil over the... 
 Raktda Tablets (100 Tablets)  Maharishi Ayurveda  Raktda Tablets (100 Tablets)   $21.79  $17.43  Buy Now 
Indications:Malnutrition anaemia, prenatal anaemia, anaemia following malaria and other haemolytic disorders and chronic infections. Post operative convalescence.Ingredients: Praval Pishti, Mukta shukti Pishti, Vratika Bhasma, Giloy Satva, Amalki, Ela, Tej patra, Lavang, Nagkeshar, Chhuara, Draksha, Yasthimadhu, Pippali, Shank Bhasma, Shudh Shilajeet, Kanta Lauh Bhasma, Mandura Bhasma, Crystal Sugar.Dosage: 2 Tablets twice a day. 
 Janma Ghutti  Jaggi  Janma Ghutti   $12.95  $10.36  Buy Now 
A Healthy traditional option. Ensures overall fitness.Indications:* Improves GI tract functions.* Corrects constipation.* Corrects abdominal bloating & milk intolerance.* Promotes appetite & ensures healthy growth.* Ensures trouble free teething.* Treats flatulence & colic.* Improve general condition of marasmic infants & children.Each 5ml. Contains extracts of:Elachi Chotti 15ml.Laung 10mg.Vidanga 25mgAtis Sherin 25mgKrishan Chetki 25mgSeena 25mgMusta 25mgSonth 25mgKarket Sringi... 
 Dhaanwantharam Thailam (200 ml)  Nagarjuna  Dhaanwantharam Thailam (200 ml)   $16.49  $13.19  Buy Now 
Indications:Effective for application on the head and for massaging the affected areas of the body in Vaatha-rogam (diseases due to vitiated Vaatha dosha), Paksha-vadham (Hemiplegia), Sarvaanga Vaatham (Vitiated Vaatha disorder of the whole body), Dhaathu kshayam (tissue atrophy), Soothikaa-rogam (puerperal diseases) and Baala-rogam (diseases of children).Ingredients:Bala, Yavam, Kaalam, Kulattham, Vilwam, Shyanaakam, Gambhari, Paatala, Ganikaarikam, Shaalaparni, Prushniparni, Bruhati,... 
 Bal Rogantak Rasa (Bal Rasa) (10 grms)  Unjha Ayurvedic Pharmacy  Bal Rogantak Rasa (Bal Rasa) (10 grms)   $11.02  $8.82  Buy Now 
Ingredients:Suddha Parad, Suddha Gandhak, Suvarna Maxik Bhasma, Kala Mari, Kla Bhangaro, Safed Bhangaro, Sambhalu Rasa (Nagod), Makoi, Grishma Sunder, Hulhul, Punarnava, Mandukparni, Safed Koyal.Indications: Very effective for children in treating cough, cold, teething troubles, indigestion, loss of appetite, constipation, dyspepsia, flatulence.Packing: 10 grams.  
 Denton (250 Tablets)  SBL Homeopathy  Denton (250 Tablets)   $14.95  $11.96  Buy Now 
The clinically proven therapy for pain-free dentition Denton effectively overcomes: Gum swelling Irritability Refusal of feed Drooling of salvia Loose stools Vomiting Abdominal Pain     Indications: Difficult dentition associated with colic Diarrhoea Irritability Gum swelling Drooling Refusal to feed & delayed dentition. Ingredients: Calcarea Phosphorica - For difficult dentition and sensitive gums, anaemic children who are... 
 Denton Syrup (115ml)  SBL Homeopathy  Denton Syrup (115ml)   $10.99  $8.79  Buy Now 
The clinically proven therapy for pain-free dentition Denton effectively overcomes: Gum swelling Irritability Refusal of feed Drooling of salvia Loose stools Vomiting Abdominal Pain     Indications: Difficult dentition associated with colic Diarrhoea Irritability Gum swelling Drooling Refusal to feed & delayed dentition. Ingredients: Calcarea Phosphorica -  For difficult dentition and sensitive gums, anaemic children who are... 
 Lal Tail (200 ml)  Dabur  Lal Tail (200 ml)   $14.61  $11.69  Buy Now 
Dabur Lal Tail is a natural Ayurvedic baby massage oil, which contains the properties of time tested herbs. These strengthen the baby’s bones and muscles, and help him/her stay ahead. It is useful for flabby, dry skin and wrinkles occurring during rickets.Ingredients:Shankha pushpin, Masha/Urad, Ratan jot, Kapoor, Saraldaru Tail, Til Tail.Indications: Useful for infantile rickets. For external use only. Packing: 200 ml.  
 Paedritone (100ml)  Charak  Paedritone (100ml)   $19.95  $15.96  Buy Now 
The soothing remedy for prompt relief of digestive troubles in children. Benefits: Safe and effective for fast relief of colic pain and flatulence in infants and children. Aids digestion Exerts antibacterial activity Promotes proper digestion and provides growth promoting action. Free from alcohol Very pleasant taste and hence acceptable to even fastidious infants and children.     Indications: Gripes, Colic and flatulence in children and infants ... 
 Gripe Water  Jaggi  Gripe Water   $19.95  $15.96  Buy Now 
A mild and safe tonic. Provides better digestion & good healthIndication:*A body building tonic recommended for want of appetite* Improves metabolism* Combats exhaustion* Controls diarrhoea & dysentery* Helps in distended abdomen and flatulent colic.Each 10 ml. contains: Distilled extracts of: Shatpushpa 133mg. Sowa 65.5mg. Zira 27.7mg. Pudina 27.7mg. Yashtimadhu 16.6mg. Gulab 16.6 mgMahua 66.5 mg. Sudhaodak 166mg. Kaphoor 1.1mg.Base (to sweeten) 
 Maa-Lact Granules  Solumiks  Maa-Lact Granules   $13.53  $10.82  Buy Now 
Ingredients:Shatavari, Shveta Sariva , Shunthi, Marica, Pippali, Musta, Sharkara.Benefits: 1. Stimulates lactation.2. Improves the quantity and quality of breast milk.3. Improves general debility in nursing mothers.4. Safe.Indications:As a galactgogue for nursing mothers with deficient breast milk.Dosage: 5 to 10 gram twice daily with milk.Packing: Jar of 150 gram. 
 Gripe Water (100ml)  Hamdard  Gripe Water (100ml)   $9.95  $7.96  Buy Now 
An ideal digestive tonic for babies. Has all the pain relieving goodness of five curative herbs Soya, Pudina, Ajwain, Zeera and Saunf. Indications Gripe Colic Packaging: A bottle of 100ml of product. 
 Paedo Syrup (100 ml)  Nagarjuna  Paedo Syrup (100 ml)   $11.53  $9.22  Buy Now 
Indications:For paediatric use in indigestion, loss of appetite and flatulence in children.Ingredients:Ardrak, Ajmoda, Draksha, Amalaki, Mustha, Pudina, Honey, Sugar candy.Directions for Use: 2.5 ml to 5 ml thrice daily.  
 Bal Sogthi  Rasashram  Bal Sogthi   $10.00  $8.00  Buy Now 
Ingredients:Swarna Makshik Bhasma, Loha Bhasma, Mandoor Bhasma, Praval Bhasma, Kapardika Bhasma, Shankh Bhasma, Sukti Bhasma, Triphala, Trikatu, Kiratikta, Ajmoda, Indrajava, Ativisha, Kuberakshi, Vanshlochan, Bala, Javantri, Kesar, Nagkesar, Ajawain(Yavani), Suwa, Mishraiya, Gulab, Khashkhash, Draksha, Haldi, Bilvagarbh, Brahmi, Kasheruk, Jeerak, Dhanyak, Musali, Satavari, Punarnava, Parpat (Pitta Papado), Tulsi, Vasa, Sunthi (Shrungaver), Kshirkakoli.Indications:Daily use of Bal Sogthi keeps... 
 Erand Tail (Castor Oil) (50 ml)  Dabur  Erand Tail (Castor Oil) (50 ml)   $10.99  $8.79  Buy Now 
Ingredients: Each 5 ml contains: Erand Tail 5 ml.Indications: It is mild purgative for babies, children, healthy and weak adults and aged persons alike.Dosage: 4 - 16 ml.Directions for Use: For Adults: 2-4 teaspoonful (8-16 ml) with warm milk. A little of warm milk or water should be taken thereafter.  For Children: One teaspoonful (4 ml) and for Infants ½ teaspoonful (2 ml) is to be given with warm milk.For Infants below one year, 5 - 10 drops (0.25 - 0.5 ml)... 
 Gorochanadi Gulika (100 Tabs.)  Arya Vaidya Pharmacy  Gorochanadi Gulika (100 Tabs.)   $45.49  $36.39  Buy Now 
Main Ingredients: Gorochana, Kasthuri, Jahagamada, Kumkuma. Indications: It is used to treat vayu, hiccups, cough, typhoid fever, paraplegia and pediatric diseases. Dosage: 1 – 2 tablets twice daily with water or milk. Packing: 10 Strips x 10 Tablets  
 Oramil Tablets (50 Tablets)  SBL Homeopathy  Oramil Tablets (50 Tablets)   $19.95  $15.96  Buy Now 
The clinically proven therapy for pain-free dentition. Oramil effectively overcomes: Gum swelling Irritability Refusal to feed Drooling of saliva Loose stools Vomiting Abdominal pain Indications: Difficult dentition associated with colic Diarrhoea Irritability Gum swelling Drooling Refusal to feed & delayed dentition. Ingredients: Calcium Phosphate - Difficult dentition and sensitive gums. Anaemic children who are... 
 Bal Amrit  Jaggi  Bal Amrit   $19.95  $15.96  Buy Now 
Natural Calcium with effective digestants. Nature's Richness for complete baby health.Indications:IndigestionLoss of appetiteFlatulenceDyspepsiaNauseaConstipationTeething troubleEach 10ml. Contains:Distilled extracts of:Soya     100mgGulab      25mgYashtimadhu 25mgMadhurika  200mgChuranodak 200mgPrepared in the dicoctions of 4mg each of Brihadaela, Svecandana, Utpala, Medalakri, Maha Meda.Base Syrup                Color: Ponceau 4 R.Safe herbal Syrup- Alcochol free 
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01.Noorani Tel (200 ml)
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07.Denton Syrup (115ml)
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09.Paedritone (100ml)
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