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Shilajit (100 Capsules)

Dabur Shilajit is a health tonic that retains your youthful vigour. Considered a rasayana in Ayurveda, it is a mixture of natural ingredients that boosts the immune system and optimizes physical performance. In Ayurveda, Shilajit is considered a 'rasayana', which helps to increase strength, immunity and vitality. General health tonic Supports immune system Optimizes physical performance Enhances rehabilitation of muscle, bones and nerves Helps acclimatize to newer...…

Brahma Rasayan (250g)

Dabur Brahma Rasayan (Nagakeshar - Charaka Samhita / Chikitsa Sthan.1) is a paste consisting of herbs and fruits. It is a top cerebral tonic, which strengthens memory and gives energy. It is extremely helpful to those who do intensive mental work. Brahma Rasayan combines the immunity supporting and antioxidant herbs used in the mind for increased action on mental faculties such as memory and intelligence. It provides excellent protection year round, gently detoxifies and promotes healthy...…

Bramha Rasayanam (500g)
Arya Vaidya Pharmacy

Brahma Rasayanam is one of the best traditional Ayurvedic growth promoting and strength giving tonics made out of 42 herbs along with honey, ghee and sugar candy. The Ashtanga Hrudayam says that the regular use of this tonic removes one's lethargy and fatigue and also slows down the ageing symptoms like wrinkles and greying of hair. In addition, there is improvement in one's intelligence, power of comprehension, memory and strength.     Indications: Kaasam, swaasam, Jwaram,...…

Sutshekhar Ras

Indications:Sutshekhar ras is useful when the following symptoms are displayed:Amlapitta (Hyperacidity) Chardi (Vomiting) Gulma (Chronic obstructive jaundice / chlorosis) Kasa (Cough) Grahani (Sprue / Malabsorption syndrome) Tridosajatisara (Diarrhea with vata, pitta & kapha predominance).Ingredients:Suddha suta Tankana (Sodium biborate) Vatsa nagaka Sunthi (Zingiber officinale) Marica (Piper nigrum) Unmatta bija Pippali (Piper longum) Gandhaka (Calcinated and purified sulphur) Tamra...…

Alfalfa (180ml Syrup)
SBL Homeopathy

Alfalfa is an excellent general tonic it improves all bodily systems giving vigour and vitality and improving and balancing digestion. It assists with weight gain and anxiety management and helps to bring a restfull deep sleep.     Indications: For anxiety states, nervousness, stress situations especially for people overworked and overstretched in today's mad rat race for survival. For students, children, old age group individuals, engaged in competitive pursuits...…

Geriforte (60 Tablets)
Himalaya Herbal Healthcare

Many health conditions are now understood to be stress related and coping with the consequences of stress is fast becoming a cornerstone of health and well-being. Geriforte is a completely natural product that regulates and balances all of the body's organs and systems for comprehensive health maintenance. This ultimate general wellness product helps everyone handle daily stress without any adverse effects. Geriforte provides several vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, from...…

Ashwagandha Churna (60g)

Ashwagandha/Withania somnifera also known as Wonder Herb of India and winter cherry in English is one of the most highly valuable herb in Ayurveda, the traditional health care system in India. Ashwagandha is used as a general tonic and "adaptogen", helping the body adapt to stress. In addition, Ashwagandha has been shown to possess significant antioxidant activity as well as an ability to support a healthy immune system. Ashwagandha powder is considered to be an invigorating and...…

Ashwagandha Capsules (60 Capsules)
Organic India

Ingredients:Each 400 mg capsule contains:Organic Ashwagandha root (Withania somnifera) 400 mg.Indications:It is used in the treatment of  stress, anxiety, immune deficiency, low energy, chronic fatigue, general exhaustion, cold, flu and bronchitis, insomnia, stress related illness, premature ageing, depression.Dosage:1 – 2 capsules with food and water twice a day for at least 3 months. Can be taken at bed time to help induce sleep.Packing: 60 Capsules.…

S.I.V.A Drops (30 ml.)
Dr JRK's Siddha Research & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

S.I.V.A Drops is very effective for those who suffer from diabetes, hypersensitive group, HIV infected group, subjects with various autoimmune disorders such as Psoriasis, Vitiligo and the subjects affected by degenerative diseases and also diseases like acute or chronic eczema, Ulcers of G.I tract, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), Fungal Dermatitis etc. Under treatment with S.I.V.A. increased membrane stability and chemotacticity of the phagocytes is developed. The phagocytic ability of...…

Herbonic (500g)
Maharishi Ayurveda Products

Herbonic is an ideal family drink and milk additive. Herbonic provides extra energy to meet challanges of the energy sapping activites during the day. It's constituents include ashwagandha and brahmi, thus enhancing mental and physical acumen and adaptability. This unique quality places Herbonic in a distinct class by itself, from the scores of other energy drinks. Herbonic makes delicious drink acceptable to even the fussiest of children and adults. To growing children, Herbonic...…

Dasamula Haritaki

Indications: Dasamula haritaki is useful when the following symptoms are displayed: Arocaka (Anorexia) Udararoga (Abdominal disease) Gulma (Chronic obstructive jaundice / chlorosis) Pliharoga (Spleen disease) Mutrakrcchra (Dysuria) Sopha Svasa (Dyspnoea) Amavata (Rheumatism) Ingredients: Dasamula kasaya (Compound of 10 barks, laghu panchmula, barhit panchmula) Guda (Jaggery) Tvak (Cinnamomum zeylanicum bark) Ela (Elettaria cardamom) Patra (Cinnamomum zeylanicum leaves) Sunthi (Zingiber...…

Cinkara (300ml)

A well known tonic with vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts. Quickly restores lost energy. Increases appetite, improves debility and condition of fatigue and convalescence. Should be given as a diet supplement to all members of the family particularly.  
Indications:   Low energy Low appetite Fatigue Convalescence Ingredients: Amomum subulatum Roxb Aquilaria agallocha Roxb Asparagus racemosus Willd Bombyx mori L. Cinnamomum malabathrum ...…

Raktda Tablets (100 Tablets)
Maharishi Ayurveda


Malnutrition anaemia, prenatal anaemia, anaemia following malaria and other haemolytic disorders and chronic infections. Post operative convalescence.


Praval Pishti, Mukta shukti Pishti, Vratika Bhasma, Giloy Satva, Amalki, Ela, Tej patra, Lavang, Nagkeshar, Chhuara, Draksha, Yasthimadhu, Pippali, Shank Bhasma, Shudh Shilajeet, Kanta Lauh Bhasma, Mandura Bhasma, Crystal Sugar.


2 Tablets twice a day.…

Swas Kas Cintamani Ras (2.5g)

Swas Kas Cintamani Ras is based on classical formulation of Bhaishajya Ratabwali /Hikkashwas chikitsa chapter.

Formulation: Lauh Bhasam           Calcined Iron 8 Parts.Sudha Gandhak        Purified sulphur 4 partsAbhrak Bhasam Mica (calcined) 4 partsSudha Parad             Purified mercury 2 partsSwarnamkashik Bhasam Copper...…

Ashwagandha Churna (100 gms)
Basic Ayurveda


1. Herbal food supplement for general debility and stress.
2. Recommended in low energy.
3. A valuable tonic for debilitating weakness.
4. Adaptogenic stress reliever.
5. Tissue tonic.
6. Tones muscles.

Ingredients: Ashwangandha (Withania somnifera) 100% w/w.

Dosage: 4 to 8 grams (1-2 teaspoon) twice a day with water or milk.…

Alpitone (450ml syrup)

Alpitone shares the ancient secrets of health since it combines immune enhancing and rejuvenative herbs. Rich in natural anti-oxidants, Alpitone helps strengthen ones system against the effects of stress, fatigue and exhaustions. Alpitone promotes health, energy and growth of an individual as it contains digestion enhancing herbs which also stimulate appetite. Alpitone is pleasant tasting tonic made with the base of...…

Vigoroll Jelly

An invigorative, rejuunator and revitalizer. Benefits: Vigoroll jelly contains those ingredients which are very good nutritional agents. It is highly palatable and well liked It is a complete nutritional supplement for people who are convalescing. Indications: Convalescence Lack of energy Fatigue General debility Weak immunity Dosage:

One tablespoonful twice a day Packaging:…

Sanjivani Vati

Sanjivani vati is used for fever associated with cold, diarrhea, vomiting and indigestion. Indications: Sanjivani vati is useful when the following symptoms are displayed: Ajirna (Dyspepsia or indigestion) Gulma (Chronic obstructive jaundice / chlorosis) Visuci (Gastro enteritis / cholera ) Sarpadamsa (Snake bite) Ingredients: Vidanga (Embelia ribes) Nagara Krsna Pathya Amalaki (Emblica officinalis) Bibhitaka (Terminalia belerica) Vaca (Acorus calamus) Guduci...…

Dasamula Rasayana

Indications: Dasamula rasayana is useful when the following symptoms are displayed: Kasa (Cough) Svasa (Dyspnoea) Pratisyaya (Rhinitis) Aruchi (Anorexia; impaired appetite) Galagraha (Related to throat disease) Vatavyadhi (Diseases caused by aggravation of vata humor) Kshaya (Astringent) Gulma (Chronic obstructive jaundice / chlorosis) Ingredients: Dasamula (Compound of 10 barks, laghu panchmula, barhit panchmula) Bala (Sida cordifolia) Eranda (Ricinus communis) Bharangi...…

Muktashukti Pishti

Muktashukti pishti is used for hyperacidity associated with burning sensation in chest and eye, restlessness, loss of taste and cough.Indications:Muktashukti pishti is useful when the following symptoms are displayed:Kasa (Cough) Svasa (Dyspnoea) Kshaya (Astringent) Jirna jvara (Chronic fever) Netradaha (Burning sensation of eyes) Hrdorga (Heart disease) Pittatisara (Acute diarrhea with heat) Daha (Burning sensation) Pittaja parinamasula (Duodenal ulcer due to pitta) Amlapitta (Hyperacidity)...…

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